Warsaw, 14 September 2009

Jarosław Kaczyński
President, Law and Justice Party

Hon. Franciszek Spula
President of the Polish American Congress

Dear Mr. President,

I thank you sincerely for the invitation to the convocation of Polonia organized in Chicago under the patronage of the Polish American Congress. Unfortunately, my obligations prevent me from personally taking part in this important event.

American Polonia is the most numerous and one of the most important gathering of Poles living outside the borders of Poland. Poles and Americans of Polish descent, nearly 10 million strong, can be proud of their many prominent representatives in virtually all areas of science, culture and politics. But for my own political outlook and for me personally, what is even more important is the common characteristic of virtually all of Polonian society in America. It is a deep patriotism and a feeling of shared responsibility for the fate of the far-off motherland - Poland. We will always remember your assistance in the times when our country was enslaved by Communism, your role in the accession of Poland to NATO and many other of your efforts undertaken on behalf the motherland.

Your strength lies in the ability to understand and mobilize your community at the most significant moments. That is why with great joy I received news of today's Conference, which is an initiative leading to further integration of Polonia in the United States. I believe that proceeding along this path, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your activities and thus achieve more of your goals. Many challenges remain. An example is the issue of political representation of Polonia. Polish-Americans certainly deserve to have their Congressmen and Senators. Ethnic groups much smaller than the Polish one have their representatives in both Houses of the US Congress, which indicates that although this is a difficult goal, it can be reached.

I wish to declare, in my own name and that of the Law and Justice Party, that Poles living abroad, especially those in the United States, can count on our support. Consider the examples of the years 2005-2007, when we initiated a series of legislative proposals designed to improve contacts with Polonia and to allow Polonian communities to maintain closer ties with the motherland. Among others, there was the draft law on citizenship, which was in answer to the expectations of Polonian communities, and the revision of the electoral regulations which would give Polonia its representatives in the Parliament and Senate of the Republic of Poland. Unfortunately, because of the shortened term of office, only one law was enacted. That was the "Karta Polaka"  which was especially desired by our countrymen in the East.

I wish to underline that also today, despite the fact that our capabilities for action are much reduced from what they were in 2005-07, you can still count on our support and receptiveness to any cooperative actions.

Once again, thank you for the invitation; I send my greetings and my wishes for fruitful deliberations.