Council of National Directors

Autumn Meeting 2010

Wednesday & Thursday, October 13 & 14, 2010
Holiday Inn Chicago Northshore
5300 Touhy Ave.
Skokie, IL

Resolutions passed at the meeting

Resolution 1: Support for Rep. Peter T. King's H. Res. 1489

The Polish American Congress supports the Resolution H. Res. 1489 sponsored by Rep. Tom King of New York in the US House of Representatives, titled “Calling for an independent international investigation of the April 10, 2010, plane crash in Russia that killed Poland's president Lech Kaczynski and 95 other individuals.” The justification for such a call are fully described in the House Resolution, which has been referred to the House Foreign Relations Committee. We urge our members to contact the Committee on Foreign Affairs and demand a full investigation into this tragic event.

(For information on how to read Congressional Resolutions and contact Members of Congress, click the Resources menu.)

Resolution 2: Appreciation for persons instrumental in obtaining Honorary US citizenship for Gen. Casimir Pulaski

WHEREAS, in the opinion of the Council of National Directors of the Polish American Congress, the freedom and independence of the United States of America has benefited by the voluntary, principled, selfless, courageous, and life-ending military service of General Casimir Pulaski; and

WHEREAS, as the old Polish proverb testifies, "the greater the difficulty, the greater the glory" has enduring significance only if human self-sacrifice for a cause, our nation's "Glorious Cause" in the example of Poland's Casimir Pulaski, is remembered, honored and emulated throughout the ages of our Great Republic; and

WHEREAS, three principled men of our common era representing the Polish Legion of American Veterans, National Commanders Matthew Lobas and Joseph Pudlo, along with their National Legislative Director Ben Filipczyk, postulated that in return for his exceptional service to America, Casimir Pulaski is most worthy of being granted American citizenship posthumously; and

WHEREAS, three other principled men of our common era -- United States Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois and Congressmen John Conyers of Michigan and Dennis Kucinich of Ohio -- stood upright in the halls of our nation's governance in straightforward promulgation and support of the posthumous citizenship Resolution; and

WHEREAS, the said principled efforts of all six men led to passage by both branches of the United States Congress of the Joint Resolution that was enacted subsequently by the signature of President Barack Obama on November 6, 2009, thereby making Casimir Pulaski the first Pole and only the seventh person in our nation's history to be awarded honorary United States citizenship posthumously as provided by Public Law 11-94; and therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the President of the Polish American Congress, Frank J. Spula, sign, date and convey this Resolution of the Council of National Directors of the Polish American Congress to each of the seven principled men referenced above, as an everlasting example of principled common purpose and long-held friendship in the world; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Polish American Congress broadly publicize this action of the Council of National Directors to Polish Americans throughout the land.

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