Archived Stories, 2007

02/09/2007 Why Were Polish Settlers Excluded From the Jamestown Story?
02/15/2007 Visa Waiver Update
02/23/2007 ACTION ALERT: Visa Waiver Legislation
02/26/2007 Sen. Mikulski Applauds Senate Visa Waiver Program
02/27/2007 Drastic Increase in Fees for Filing Immigration Forms
03/04/2007 Downstate NY Division pays tribute to Col. Francis Gabreski
03/05/2007 Rep. Emanuel Celebrates Pulaski Day in Illinois
03/05/2007 Sen. Voinovich on Visa Waiver Program
03/14/2007 Senate Passes Visa Waiver
03/15/2007 Visa Waiver Modernization Act
03/16/2007 Senate Passes NATO Expansion Bill
03/20/2007 Casimir Pulaski Honorary Citizen of the US
04/12/2007 ACTION ALERT: International Affairs Budget up for Approval
05/03/2007 City of Glen Cove, L.I., pays tribute to May 3rd Constitution
05/04/2007 NY Downstate Division pays tribute to Col. Francis Gabreski
05/11/2007 PAC spurs Visa Waiver Resolution in Arizona
05/15/2007 Update on State Resolutions to Add Poland to VWP
05/22/2007 Visa Waiver Expansion and Immigration Reform
05/25/2007 Expansion of Visa Waiver Important to National Security
05/30/2007 Immigration Fees Increase
06/08/2007 Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill
07/15/2007 Cas Lenard Honored with Grand Cross of Order of Merit
07/18/2007 ACTION ALERT: Visa Waiver Program to be Discussed this Week
08/02/2007 PAC at Taste America on Capitol Hill
08/07/2007 NY Downstate Division Launches Long Island Chapter
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