Meeting with Polish Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

On February 5, 2016, the President of the Polish American Congress (PAC) Frank Spula hosted Jan Dziedziczak, the Secretary of State (Vice Minister) for Parliamentary Affairs, Polish Community Abroad, Consular Affairs and Public Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. The Polish delegation -- which also included Ambassador of Poland to the U.S. Ryszard Schnepf, member of the Polish Parliament Michal Dworczyk, Ms. Joanna Kozinska-Frybes, and Consul Robert Rusiecki -- met with several PAC National Directors and representatives of numerous Polish American organizations and media outlets, including Dziennik Zwiazkowy (Polish Daily News), Radio WPNA 1490 AM, Polvision, and Radio 1030 AM.

Secretary Dziedziczak expressed his interest in working closely with the Polish community in the United States and was keenly interested in hearing about issues that Polish American community is facing today. He thanked American Polonia for the many years of support as well as the continued active interest in the situation in Poland. He continued to address topics such as negative press coverage of the developments in Poland; the growing and urgent need for a robust lobby for Polandís interests in the United States; the need for protecting the good name of Poland; the importance of having a representation of the Polish American community in the Polish Senate - a person who would represent the interests of those living abroad in the Polish government, as well as the importance of education and the preservation of Polish culture and language in the upcoming generations of Polish American children.
The meeting continued for approximately an hour allowing for an exchange of ideas as well as numerous questions to be raised and answered.

On behalf of the Polish American Congress President Spula thanked Secretary Dziedziczak for this important meeting and offered the Organization's cooperation in building a stronger, effective, and long-term relationship between the Polish American community and the government of Poland.

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