Polish American Congress Supporsts Black Sea Security Act of 2022.

Polish American Congress Supports Black Sea Security Act of 2022

The Polish American Congress (PAC) strongly supports the recent bi-partisan Black Sea Security Act of 2022 introduced by Senators Mitt Romney (R-UT)  and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH),  which calls on the Biden Administration to elaborate a strategy to protect the Black Sea Region from Kremlin aggression.  The Department of Defense, the State Department,  several other federal departments, and The Three Seas Investment Fund will collect information on how United States leadership can promote better security from Kremlin aggression for the Black Sea Region.  

The Polish American Congress, established in 1944, represents the interests of over ten million Polish Americans. The PAC has divisions in nineteen states. The mission of the PAC is to advocate and campaign for legislation that strengthens the relationship between Poland and the United States, and protects the interests of Polish Americans. 

It is important to remember that battles of access to the Black Sea has been a matter of wars for many centuries. Stability in the Black Sea Region is vital to the security and stability of all of Europe. This legislation will secure a more stable future for all Europeans.

Since the Kremlin’s August 2008 invasion of Georgia, on the Eastern Cost of the Black Sea, the PAC advocated vigorous action to stop Putin from changing internationally recognized borders with armed force.  The POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS applauded the initiatives of Senator John McCain and President Lech Kaczynski, both of whom travelled to Tbilisi, during the Russian invasion at great risk, to call for muscular action to stop Kremlin aggression by the UNO, and other international organizations charged with enforcing collective security.   

The PAC maintains close relationships with members of Congress, as well as legislators in State and Municipal governments. The United States and Poland have been close partners in freedom since the American and Polish revolutions of the late eighteenth century. Our shared commitment to the defense of freedom drives the PAC’s policies.  

The key elements of S.4509 are:

  • Call for a more robust foreign policy toward the Black Sea region, including increased advocacy between U.S., NATO and EU and bolstering economic ties between the U.S. and the Black Sea region;
  • Require an interagency report from the administration to outline existing efforts to support democracy, security and economic prosperity in the Black Sea region, and ask for an outline of policy options for increased engagement;
  • 360 days following passage of legislation, require an interagency strategy to increase military assistance and coordination with NATO and the EU, deepen economic ties, strengthen democracy and economic security and enhance security assistance with Black Sea countries.

Finally, Congress is taking action on longstanding Polish American Congress recommendations to stop Putin’s aggression.  Former Minister of Defense Antoni Macierewicz, at the Center for European Policy Analysis Annual Meeting in September 2017, called for American leadership to stop Kremlin aggression in the Black Sea Region.

Photo taken on July 22 at Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-NH) Washington, DC office. At the meeting, the Senator’s top foreign policy staffer, Sophia Hays, introduced the Black Sea Security Act of 2022.  This bill has bipartisan support with Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) as first cosponsor.  
On the photo are CEEC members: Karl Altau, Sophia Hays, Michael Sawkiw, Klara Wisniewska, Veronica Metonidze and 2 Interns: Lija Jusis and Donghyun Kim.