Polish American Congress Supports Energy Independence for Poland

The Polish American Congress strongly supports energy independence for Poland.

The mission of the Polish American Congress is to persuade official United States governmental and American public opinion that a strong and truly sovereign Poland protects our country’s national security interests, and promotes our values of freedom and free enterprise in East Central Europe.

This is why it is essential for Poland not to be dependent on oil and gas from Russia. Poland simultaneously can not be truly sovereign, and continue her dependence on Russian oil and gas. To achieve this goal the Polish American Congress is working to move The Three Seas Initiative from rhetoric to reality.

The Three Seas Initiative’s success will ensure a zone of economic prosperity in the lands between the Baltic, the Adriatic, and the Black Seas, or the Intermarium.  The Three Seas Initiative will integrate this strategically important area from North to South. This is important because international trade in this region throughout history has been  moving from West to East, and from East to West. This makes East Central Europe dependent on Russia and Germany. The competition of Germany and Russia for control of East Central Europe led to war between these two countries twice during the first half of the 20th century.  This caused the peoples of East Central Europe to suffer as their powerful expansionist neighbors fought in the Intermarium. The way to prevent war from never again ravaging this region is to make it economically prosperous and independent of its two large neighbors.

The Polish American Congress strongly praised President Donald Trump for his speech of July 7, 2017 in Warsaw at the opening of the Three Seas Conference. The most important contribution of America to the success of the Three Seas Initiative is the sale of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to Poland. This produces revenue for American energy companies and it benefits Poland, by helping the country of our ancestors to achieve energy independence.

Poles are developing shale oil deposits in the southeastern part of their country, and working with French companies to develop safe nuclear power for civilian use.

Poland needs to achieve energy independence with the help of the United States and the European Union.  Poland’s achievement of energy independence will be the cornerstone of an economic prosperity sphere in East Central Europe that will prevent war from ever again breaking out in that strategically important region.

The Polish American Congress looks forward to the opportunity to meet with Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and his staffers to discuss how the United States will benefit by helping Poland to achieve energy independence.

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