Dear Polish Americans and Friends of Polonia,

Today is #GivingTuesday! Please consider donating to support the advocacy, educational and cultural mission of the Polish American Congress. Since 1944, the Polish American Congress has been dedicated to persuading U.S. governmental and American public opinion that a strong Poland supports U.S. national security interests in Eastern and Central Europe, and promotes the American values of free enterprise and democratic political institutions.  

The near term objectives of the Polish American Congress are the following:

1.     Working for the repeal by the U.S. government of the NATO-Russia Founding Act which prevents the establishment of permanent NATO bases on Polish soil with U.S. armed forces.

2.     Moving the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) from rhetoric to realization by advocating the enactment of US Senate Resolution to mirror the recently enacted H. Res. 672 for the purpose of raising the American public awareness of the need for the 12 countries involved in 3SI to achieve energy independence of Kremlin controlled natural gas and to bring their economic infrastructure up to standards prevailing in Western Europe, as well as persuading investors in the U.S. that 3SI is a win-win opportunity. The funds to achieve the purpose of 3SI must come from the private sector. 

3.     Persuading the White House to change the observation of Polish Heritage Month from October to May to emphasize Polish Constitution of May 3rd and publicize Poland’s long steady democratic credentials. October also is Hispanic Heritage Month.

Your contribution will ensure that the Polish American Congress will continue to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the U.S. and Poland.

If you would like to make a gift, please click below:


Klara Z. Wiśniewska

PAC National Office Administrator

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