President Spula interviewed about U.S. Presidential Election

The entire interview and article titled “President of Polonia in the US: Polonia has good relations with Trump. We hope he will win” is available here:

Some of the main points made by PAC President Frank J. Spula were translated to the English language and are provided in the article below:

Presidential Election in the United States

Polish American Congress (PAC) President Frank J. Spula was recently interviewed in the Polish language by Beata Lubecka from Radio Zet. The main topic of the discussion was 2020 U.S. Presidential election. During the interview, President Spula said that many Polish Americans hope President Donald Trump will be re-elected because he has shown respect for Poland, and the Polish people, and has done a lot of good for Poland, including but not limited to granting the country’s accession to the Visa Waiver Program. President Spula mentioned that he met with President Trump in person several times. “We had a few meetings, we were invited to the White House, he met with the Polish American Congress four years ago. There were a lot of letters exchanged between our office and his office. This is a good relationship”, he explained.

President Spula stated that President Trump was going to meet with Polonia but he fell ill with coronavirus so the meeting was cancelled.

President Spula also mentioned President Trump opened door to more positive relations between Poland and the United States. He shared his forecast that if Donald Trump is re-elected, relations between the Polish community and the American President will be even better than before. “He has respect for Poland, and the Poles, and it is evident.”, commented President Spula. “It could be seen when President Duda visited the White House, and he was invited several times. It is of benefit for Poles living in the United States, and for Poland”, added President Spula. When asked by Beata Lubecka, what will happen if Donald Trump loses this election, President Spula replied, “Then we will cooperate with President Biden. There will be no problem with that. We as an organization need to be diplomatic. We need to respect the chosen President, whether he is a Democrat or a Republican, and cooperate. We cooperate with legislators on both sides.”

The President of the PAC emphasized that the Presidential Election is very important for Poles living in the United States. He said, “when a man does not vote, legislators know about it”. President Spula pointed out that legislators do not know whom each citizen votes for, but that there is a list of those people who voted, and those who did not. “When you vote, there is more influence and power and it is easier to talk to legislators”, commented President Spula.

In response to the question whether the Polish American community is more conservative or liberal, President Spula replied that there are more conservative Polish Americans than liberal ones.

Relations with the Polish Government

President Spula stated that the Polish American Congress cooperates with the Polish government. “When officials from Poland come, they are always greeted and welcomed by the Polish American Congress, be it for lunch or a meeting”. He added, “the relations are good”.

President Spula: One can be proud of their Polish ancestry

In response to the question whether he considered moving to Poland, President Spula confirmed he did, and said that over the last ten years, he has been to Poland twenty times. “Each time I noticed that Poland keeps changing for the better. People can be proud that they have Polish ancestry”, he commented.

The entire interview is available here:

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