10 Million Strong Campaign

There a10MillionStrong_3re at least 10 million Americans who identify Poland as their ancestral country. This is why the name of the campaign we are launching is 10 Million Strong. The goal of this campaign is to collect biographies which describe the achievements of Polish Americans and Poles living in the United States from 1944 to the present. This collective biography project will document the wide range of Polish Americans’ endeavors from laborers to corporate leaders and includes workers in the not-for-profit and governmental sectors, too.

I encourage you to join the 10MILLIONSTRONG campaign by creating public posts and videos in English with the hashtag 10MILLIONSTRONG. Posts and videos can also be created in Polish, but we kindly ask you to include English translation or subtitles. The biographies may include some or all of the following:

1. Reasons for emigrating from Poland, explain choice of residence in the United States, and you may
wish to include a photo together with the full name of the emigrant.
2. The names of Polish American armed services veterans of WWII with branch of service, rank, and
theater (Pacific theater, European theater) and their war stories in a video, animation, or post format.
3. Videos or posts about inventors large and small from the humblest to Tadeusz Sendzimir, or Iwo
Cyprian Pogonowski.
4. Descriptions of what Polish Americans did to help Poles in Poland in communist times and support for the anti-communist opposition.
5. Videos or posts of artists and athletes living in the US who want to share their competitive spirit and
6. Videos or posts about Polish teachers showing their positive influence on pupils or their educational
solutions, as well as videos about work of public administration professionals.
7. Videos or posts about Polish Americans’ commitment to the Church.
8. Videos or posts about involvement in and leadership of Polish American organizations, such as
fraternal, political parties, Polish American Congress etc.

The campaign is not limited to the above-mentioned examples. Every idea that fulfills aim of the campaign, and shows contributions of Poles in the United States, is eligible. We would like to showcase
talents and achievements of Poles both at the national level and the local level. Polish Americans and
Poles living in the United States that will be presented in the campaign do not have to be public figures.
We especially want to publicize those who in the past have not received recognition.

Posts and videos can be added on the following page:
https://www.facebook.com/10MillionStrongPolAm/ or e-mailed to pacwash@pac1944.org. We would like the page of 10 Million Strong campaign to be co-created by Polonia and by our kin in Poland. In this way, Poles living in Poland who would like to tell the story of their Polish American families living in the US, also may become involved in the campaign. We will be archiving stories which have the following hashtags: #10MILLIONSTRONG and #PolishAmericanCongress. The most interesting posts and videos will be presented at events organized by the National Office of the PAC. The National Office plans to give awards to those who submit the best biographies which fulfill the guidelines described above.

For guidelines in the Polish language, please visit: http://poland.us/strona,20,29877,0,kampania-10-
million-strong-polish-american-congress.html. If you have any questions about the campaign, please e-
mail us at pacwash@pac1944.org.

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